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Showerhead Perfecta Aeridra

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Showerhead Perfecta Aeridra

Water saving at least 50% (and more).

Suitable for fixed installation wall with showers, water jet concentrated on the person without lateral dispersion. An internal flow regulator performs water flow variation.

Aeridra is equipped with swivel can bend in any direction.

The water flow reduction can be customized with a screwdriver, in depending on the needs related to the actual pressure of the water available.

Aeridra contains no internal rubber seals that could deteriorate with time.

Aerifra works through a patented anti-scale hydro-mechanical system (the water does not come out from the holes but with grooves inside the head that does not get blocked).

A practical "spring" is used to periodically clean the scale created inside the shower head. Normal half-inch joint. Special vandal-proof nut for theft prevention.

Especially suitable for gyms, swimming pools and sports centers.


Normal shower 5 minutes

average consumption of 20 liters/minute

total 100 liters

of which: 60 liters cold water € 0.04 40

liters hot water € 0.22

>> Total cost of € 0.26

Normal shower 5 minutes with the Aeridra

saving water and energy : 50%

30 liters cold water € 0.02

20 liter hot water € 0.11

>>Total cost of € 0.1

On a system of 10 daily showers with Aeridra is obtained

A DAILY saving of € 1.60

A saving of € 39.00 MONTHLY

ANNUAL savings of € 468.00

NOTE: our calculations have been made in the area of Milan where the cold water is cheaper than in other areas.

The cost of energy to heat the water is calculated on the gas. Obviously electrically heat water costs much more.

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