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The content of the cookies integrates the information requested at the opening of your account on the portal.

The information cookies are treated according to the law, such as personal information, and managed according to the particulars of the Privacy policies

A 'cookie' is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent from the portal to your computer when you come to visit our store.

The 'cookie' file remains stored on the access device (fixed or mobile) and made available to site analysts consulted and operators of third party sites.

The list of accesses can be deleted through the cleansing of Cookies accessible from your browser.

GaiaOutlet uses cookies solely to improve the quality of its service and to better understand how people interact with the Portal, which products consult and do not purchase such products deposited in the basket to move to cash.

A "cookie" stores, for example, the login access to the portal and constitutes the real "seller's Memory" which usually in a store will follow with suggestions based on previous purchases, or the products on which you have already requested information., through cookies may:

allow you to view custom functions and services
recognize you access to special discounts
keep track of page views
keep track of your preferences
All data collected will be useful for GaiaOutlet

enable analyzes to improve the content of the Portal
to prevent fraudulent activity
to improve the security of the Portal
Prevent cookies means giving final purchases on

Today does not host third-party advertisements, and does not sell, rent or lease its customer lists to third parties cookies. accordance with statutory provisions does not communicate personal information to third-party sites, however, third, through cookies, (including ad networks, ad-serving companies and other service providers) can get some information about the users who They transited from Portal.

Cookies trace and store the information about the fact that users have interacted with us by clicking on our pages.

The users, through the information contained in the cookies, can be grouped into homogeneous groups, of which it is known, for example, residence in a particular geographic area (known by IP address) or users looking for or purchased green products or for energy saving.

In the same way, through cookies, some third parties may provide us information about you (such as demographic information or sites on which you have appeared advertising) that we can use in order to provide you with customized features and services on your previous choices.

We have no access or control cookies or other functions used by any advertisers and third-party sites, and practices of these advertisers and third-party sites are not governed by this Privacy Policy or this page on Cookies or Internet advertising.

Please contact those third parties directly for more information on their practices concerning the protection of privacy.

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